UES foils


Hot Stamping Foils

In the hot stamping foil industry, gold and silver, which are mostly used in textile and leather industry, are preferred foil colours. However, grey, pink, navy blue, green colours are also used in many applications.


It is commonly used in women’s, children’s and men’s clothing, home textiles, shoes, handbags, accessories, and T-shirts printing. The most common users of hot stamping foils are painting contractors, fabric dyeing factories, leather tanneries, leather finishing factories, and roll to roll fabric stamping companies.
Hot stamping foil transfer process is done with parameters of heat, touch time, and pressure over a binder surface, created by nickel rotary screen, flat screen, or spray techniques.


Made of polyester film,  12 microns thick. Metallic gloss, soft gloss and matte effects give the different reflection options. “Release resistance” of foils are at a “moderate” level of resistance. In this way, the “silver dust” problem is reduced and carrier film can be separated over large surface binders easily.

Application Parameters

Application parameters are summarised as:
Application parameters are summarised as temperature – 150C 150C
Pressure – 6Bar 6bar
Duration(waiting) – 4-5sec 4-5 seconds
However, the glue or binder type and quality, can be affected during the fixation process of glue (process), machine special conditions can also affect transfer process. So, every user company should adjust the proper parameters according to their own conditions for the best result. Otherwise, insufficient heat transfer during fixation of glue can cause a nonfinished chemical reaction, and it will directly effect the rubbing resistance, washing resistance and/or loss in transfer.

Application Method

  1. Glue is applied on textile or leather.
  2. Patterned or fully coated glue is fixed by heat before foil transfer properly.
  3. Stamping the foil, heat:130C-150C, pressure 4-6 bar, touch time 3-5 s.
  4. Discard the carrier film after stamping process. Different separation procedures (hot or cold peel) are advised for different results.
  5. Hard release foils can be separated after 1-2 hours or cooled well enough to release.
  6. Reverse release can be applied to solve the problem of “silver dust” due to soft foils.

Plain Colour Groups

  • Gold and Silver
  • Black and Nonluminous Black
  • Matt Gold & Matt Silver
  • Metallic Colors
  • Matt Colors
  • Transparent Colors
  • Shine Film
  • Matt Film

COLOURS: Please ask for additional available colours.