UES Glitter



Glitter is generally used for evening dresses, wedding dresses, kids shoes and clothes.


It can be used to decorate women’s, children’s and men’s clothing, home textiles, shoes, handbags, accessories, T-shirts. It can be used by printing workshops, painting contractors, paint shops, furnishers, and wedding dress fabric manufacturers. As general rule, glitter is mixed into binder or a paste than applied on fabric. Or glitter can be powdered onto a binder coated surface.


ifferent colours coated polyester film is clipped to get glitter powder. Shape of cutting is hexagonal. There are up to 30 different colours such as, gold, silver, other metallic colours, transparent, rainbow, and holographic. It is suitable for use with both water-based glue and solvent-based glue.

Application Method

Mesh no. 43T or smaller screens are used for glitter mixed binder print process. After print it should be fixed at 150C for 3 minutes.

COLOURS: Please ask for available colours.