Semi-automatic Folding and Packaging Machine up to 500 folded or 350 bagged t-shirts per hour

This product is indispensable for a fast and uniform folding of T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other garments.
The blades are interchangeable, very easy to adjust and adapt the fold to the required size, changing in few
seconds the set-up from baby t-shirts to extra large sizes.
The factors of its success are the reliable fold quality combined with its heavy-duty production capability.
It can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes available on the market.

Speedy-T can operate in two ways:

Stacking Mode: each folded garment is placed on the stacker, wich descends automatically; a photocell
indicates when the stack is at its maximum load and stops the machine.
Packaging Mode: at the end of each work cycle the garment remains on the last blade, wich is lifted up, and
it can be easily packed in a bag.

The electronic control device features:

• 10 folding programs
• customization of folding programs
• self-diagnostics of anomalies and faults
• production counter and report when the preset number of pieces has been reached
• hourly production programming with acoustic signal for productions below minimum threshold setting


  • Stacker Mode – with automatic photocell
  • Packaging Mode -with ergonomic lifting blade
  • Quick and easy to operate with foot pedal and start button
  • 3 sets of adjustable blades to fold XS to XXL garments, long-sleeved or hoodies
  • 10 standard folding programs and customize on demand folding patterns
  • Automatic self-diagnosticand production counter