*New product* – Transfer paper for coloured fabrics (SELF-WEEDING) – For NO CUT inscriptions and images – Can be used with metal and WHITE foils – TOPWEED product


FC TOPCOLOR 04, self-weeding transfer paper for dark coloured fabrics for CMYK and CMYW (White Toner) printers, is a TOPWEED product, the innovative No Cut technology for printing coloured and white No Cut texts and designs on any t-shirt saving up to 80% compared to plotter cut technology and giving you far better results. Without having to weed, it transfers multicoloured and complex graphics, very thin details and fancy fashionable effects with perfect colour matching.

With TOPCOLOR you can also achieve white opaque prints with white foils and also personalize with unique coloured and metallic foils. It only transfers the toner-coloured parts assuring excellent outlining with full colours and with the pre-tested colours included in the TOPWEED colour card (palette) supplied by Shock Line.

Suitable for

Coloured cotton and other coloured natural and synthetic fabrics. Ideal for t-shirts, shoppers and other fabric objects.


  • TOPWEED CMYK laser printers > OKI ES6410/C610 (A4) – ES6412/C612 (A4) – ES7411/C711 (A4) – ES8431/C831 (A3) – ES8433/C833 or TOPWEED CMYK laser printers (White Toner) > OKI ES7411WT/C711WT/PRO7411WT (A4) -ES9420WT/C920WT/PRO9420WT/PRO8432WT (A3)
  • MA POLTEX pad (included in the packet)
  • Adhesive-proof tissue paper (included in the packet)
  • Small paper tags (included in the packet)

For further information, instructions and warnings, download the brochure.

Printer compatibility