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Schulze Swing DUO/Swing DUO X

Transferpress with swiveling heat plate and two stations

You need a swiveling press with two stations? No problem! The Schulze Swing Duo will fulfil all your wishes and is available in two sizes. The standard size is 38 x 45 cm, the X-size is 40 x 50 cm. Of course the Schulze Swing Duo/ Swing Duo X is also equipped with proven electronics. Due to the modern swiveling mechanism (over 90°), access to the entire plate is always guaranteed and there is no heat plate to interfere with adjustments. A modern height adjustment (pressure setting), as well as a standard arrangement for a cap press will make your decision for the Schulze Swing series a natural.

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Schulze Swing DUO/Swing DUO X