Schulze Blue PRESS Line


Automaticly open Transferpress, not only for those just starting out

The “S” in the BluePRESSLine name indicates that the press opens automatically. The press are identical in construction, however, the automatic open mechanism helps to enormously facilitate the work flow. There is no more need for the user to pay attention to opening the press manually after reaching the transfer application time. The BluePRESSLine “S” series does the job for you and opens the press automatically. The Blue- PRESSLine “S” models are available with three different sized base platen.

The BluePRESSline DTG offers a perforated base and special rubber mat to allow for the maximum amount of moisture release from DTG printed garments. This allows for quicker drying times, better curing and wash fastness.

Schulze Blue PRESS Line SIZE 1S/2S/3S/Mini -S/DTG/SWING