OKI Pro9542 dn

A3 colour printer with the white spot colour for printing on darker media

OKI takes graphic arts printing to a new level with the Pro9542dn, offering outstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of ownership, complete media flexibility plus the unique option of printing with a fifth colour. You can now print on-demand, the full range of process colours, including solid white on a dark background.

A first in digital LED printing – CMYK + White

The Pro9542dn is an affordable and unique high definition printer that enables you to not only print the full range of process colours but also offers white.

  • Print in a full range of process CMYK colours
  • Plus now add a spot colour – white for printing on darker media
  • Stunning vibrancy of colour on dark or transparent media

 Stunning high definition colour

The Pro9542dn uses the combination of digital LED technology and our Multi-Level ProQ technology to produce the sharpest and most vibrant print output available.