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The products listed below are kept in stock. Those not listed are available and can be supplied by special order.

Carrier Films

This film enables smooth mat finish when it is heat pressed after screen print or offset print on the film. Thermo resistant and anti-static property will also give pleasant work conditions with this film.

Carrier Films

Graphic Transfer Films

Flick reflective graphic transfer films are available in a variety of forms from the graphic flexible, low intensity 100 through to the high reflective performance of the 1000 that help create stylish and safe apparel decorations.

Colours Available: Clear, Silver, red, Blu, Yellow, Green, Black.
Special Features: Multiple Graphic Colour, High Reflection, Reflects Original Colour

Application Process

Printing Method: Silk Screen, Dry Offet Litho
Adhesive Application: Silk Screen


3D Films

These films offer a variety or finishes (Embossed pattern, Printable, and Flex- with subli-block) that are soft to the touch, has good volume and stretch. These films can be heat transferred to a multitude of textiles.

Black and White 3D PU Film – Download Data Sheet

PU Printable Film – Download Data Sheet

3D Embossed PU Film – Download Data Sheet

Can be applied to various fields like Sports & Safety Wear and Fashion offering a high reflection with good volume and a soft touch.

Holographic film is used for designs that are computer cut and heat transferred onto fabric. This film is easy to use and durable in nature and can be used on cotton, polyester/cotton blends, acrylic, etc. Made from a metallized polyester film providing a shiny prism-like finish which, features a rainbow effect.

Plotter Cutting Films

Glitter heat transfer films help creates attractive, eye catching garments.
Available in finishes in a number of different colours the Glitter heat transfer films possess excellent cut, weed, adhesion, and particle fastness.

Colour Available: Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black
Special Feature: Metallic particle, Hologram particle


Flick glow in the dark heat transfer film allow for the creation of graphics and logos that glow in the dark. Great cut, weed, adhesion, and wash properties make ensure that lasting value is added to the garment.

Colours Available: Lime yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink
Cutting Method: Plotter cut, Die Cut

Glow in the dark

Flick PU heat transfer films boast excellent cut, weed and adhesion properties as well as a soft hand feel. Available in a variety of popular colours Flick PU is the perfect solution for imprinted athletic and branded apparel.

Colours Available:  Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black
Special Feature: Stretchable, thin and soft feel.

Flick 2000 is a silver reflective heat transfer film. Its superior cut, weed and adhesion qualities make it perfect for garment decoration while the high wash resistance makes it the sensible for choice for PPE clothing.

Flick 2000 colour series reflective heat transfer film boast original colour, high intensity reflective properties. Choose from 5 different colours to add value and safety to athletic, fashion and PPE apparel.

Flick 200 is a low intensity reflective heat transfer film. Available in a variety of colours with a custom colour option on offer, they offer the perfect balance between enhanced safety and stylish looks.

Flick 2100 SP is a reflective silver graphic ready heat transfer film. By placing the carrier film on the bottom of the film, the reflective layer is ready for screen printing graphics and logos.

Colours Available:  White, red, Navy, Green, Yellow, Black, Silver.
Cutting Method: Potter cut, Die Cut

Application Instructions

  • Heat Press:  150-170°C
  • Dwell time: 10-15sec
  • Application Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, etc.

Reflective cutting films