MoZaic is a high quality, multi-layer polyurethane film on a polyester liner. It is printable with solvent, Ecosolvent and Latex. It has a matte finish and weeds super easy. MoZaic is primarily processed on so-called hybrid printers which can print and cut. It can however, also be processed on seperate machines without any problems.

Printing MoZaic

The ink should be dry before the designs can be transferred using tape, otherwise the print can potentially be smudged. Normally you dont have to wait, but depending on the ink used and the ambient conditions it can take up to five hours.

Transferring MoZaic

There are three options for transferring MoZaic,
1) Using the conventianal method, the desings are fist weeded and then the transfer film is applied.
2) The transfer film cn first be applied to the entire surface after which the designs are weeded.
3) Connected designs can be transferred easily without any transfer tape.


  • Opaque flex film with incredible touch
  • Waterbased PU
  • Thickness (without liner): 60μ
  • Printable with Ecosolvent, Solvent, Latex and UV-Inks
  • Transfer Temperature: 165°C (330°F)
  • Transfer Time: 7 seconds + 15 seconds repressing without the tape (direct contact with the press)
  • Pressure: Medium/High Fastness: 60°C


  • Transfer Temperature: 150°C
  • Transfer Time: 5 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium/High
  • Fastness: 60°C


Cotton, Polyester, Blended Fabrics. NOT suitable for coated textiles