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Galaxy Neptune Press


  • Neptune press, as Lopo ‘s own branded machine, all of our members put so much effort on it. This types of machine is the basic types compared with Galaxy press. The advantage of this type is for the cost is lower but the function and quality is good.With the reason of bringing more choice to the end users
  • State-of- art structure
  • Digital Time, temperature control
  • Telflon coated (non-stick) upper Platen
  • Lower pressure die-casting heat platen with tubular heating element every 2” to ensure the absence of the cold sports, the temperature different would be no more than 5 ℃
  • Wide open at the upper platen
  • Temperature range:96℃(205℉)-221℃(430℉)  ℉or ℃ Available
Galaxy Heat Presses