Galaxy 4 in 1 Mug Pro


  • Aluminum Heater Offered: An extra aluminum cover is offered outside of the heaters which protect customer’s hands from burning.
  • Auto-sleep Mode: The integrated digital controller offers auto-sleep setting mode with time setting range from 0~999 minutes, machine
    will enter an auto-sleep mode after a set time without any use and powered off on the controller, the machine will be reactivated by a
    new touch on the controller or a new use.
  • Globose Shape Pressure knob: Thee flexible globose shape pressure knob could guarantee smooth pressure adjustment and effectively  prevent the pressure fro breaking a mug
  • Stop bar for positioning mugs: With this useful stop bar accessory, customers can position mugs easily in the heater during a bulk production process.
  • Movable groove to achieve even pressure (GS0203 only) TO achieve an even pressure on different shapes of mugs like latte mugs, this press is designed with a movable grove at the bottom machine body. This useful structur could let heaters fit in the mug perfectly during the printing process, for the best results.