Adelco Ellipse Oval Printing Press


Adelco’s name has been synonymous with automatic Oval printing presses since the early 1980s and since that time we have built and installed in excess of 100 units worldwide. The press is designed by a Team of British Engineers and built at our state of the art manufacturing facility located near Shanghai, China.
Available in three standard print size formats, the Ellipse Oval may be configured for almost any production requirement up to 52 stations.

Main Features

  • Chainless pallet drive system for extreme longevity and smooth pallet index.
  • Guaranteed lifetime registration* Our unique lock system which is located on every pallet arm, disengages the pallet from the drive mechanism ensuring consistent pin-point lifetime registration.
  • Servo driven printheads Delivering exceptional speed and control torque, even at lower speeds our print heads feature adjustable screen chase, three-way responsive micro-registration, quick release squeegee/flood blades, front and rear off-contact and levelling adjustment, quick release high lift facility for rapid screen cleaning or flash cure docking and every head is fitted with a touch panel control for all main printing functions.
  • Rigid Pallet Arms Optimizing Servo index, supported front and back during the print cycle providing zero pallet deflection. We offer a wide range of easily removable pallet styles and sizes.
  • Superior build quality Heavy duty construction with front and rear support for both print head and pallet arms delivers exceptional print quality.
  • 2 year limited Warranty – The Ellipse Oval is covered by a 2 limited year warranty and supported by our Global network of Service Agents and Distributors

See a 16 colour 52 station Adelco Ellipse Oval in production

See the Adelco Ellipse Oval Screen and Digital print combination in action