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Welcome to the home of Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies

Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies welcomes you to our turnkey solutions and services to both the screen and digital printing industries. We are committed to introducing “green” business practices by providing the most comprehensive range of environmentally-friendly printing products and solutions to the screen and digital printing industries.

As a company we can clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors as the market leading supplier of progressively environmentally-friendly screen printing products in Southern Africa. We supply entirely phthalate free printing inks and offer “green” products wherever possible – this mean that we are compliant to current international legislation. Please use our innovative green leaf system to identify the level of environmental friendliness of the products on the page that you are viewing.

Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies proudly represents cutting edge technology and consumables from Kornit Digital, NBC Meshtec, Printop, Magna Colours, Ora as well as many other leading niche market suppliers. You will find details on products from all of these suppliers within this site.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and being of service to you in the near future!